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At Solar Roof Tile Guys, solar roof tiles services will be catered for in an effortless and efficient way to your satisfaction. This is because these are the best alternatives to your conventional solar panels. We aim at ensuring that you achieve two main things with your solar roof tiles that you will perhaps not get solar panels.



For one, solar roof will serve as a shelter since these are building materials. Secondly, with roof solar panels, you will get cheap electricity for your home, commercial building or industrial concern. Our experts will help you in the design, installation and maintenance of solar panel on roof. As a result, you will make the most out of your time, money and effort. This is made possible through use of the so called Building Integrated photovoltaics or BIPV. Call us on 888-543-4647 and learn more on how BIPV works and how it is going to benefit you through cost cutting measures.


Specially designed solar roof panels Services

At Solar Roof Tile Guys, the solar panel roof is customized to suit your specific requirements. The solar roof tiles, also known as solar shingles are designed with a duality function. They are part of building materials for your roof so your shelter is enhanced when they are installed. You will therefore enjoy quality solar panel roof tiles that address your needs without compromising on your comfort and safety. Our solar roof tiles experts will be at hand to explain to you in details issues such as the procurement, installation and maintenance.

For these and any other such services, please contact Solar Roof Tile Guys on 888-543-4647.

You will receive immediate feedback once you make online booking for an appointment with us. We will also respond to your email or phone call so that you get an opportunity to savor our sleek roof solar panels that will serve you better and for longer than your traditional solar panels. Therefore, it does not matter the scope of the work involved in the installation of the solar panel roof, our personnel have the skills and expertise to carry out any type of solar panels on roof without making you pay more than is necessary. Our personnel will take you through the motions of procuring quality and high performance solar panel roof tiles for your convenience. Talk to us today and benefit immensely for your time, money and effort.

What more should you expect?

You will find that some technicians fail to adhere to basic etiquette and display untoward behaviors such as using swear words, smoking, messing up the site after the installation of the roof solar panels. Ask for free service if such happen.

* Repair

The repair service of the solar roof is mostly done to ensure that they maintain high performance for a long time. We have a warranty in the work contract so that should there be need for a repair work to be done after the initial installation; our experts will carry out the repair without any additional charge. Call 888-543-4647 for more information.

* Replacement install

The solar roof panels may sometime develop problems with the voltaic cells and fail to deliver the energy envisaged. In such a case, we will offer to replace the entire solar roof panels absolutely free of charge. You can also demand for a refund.

For a professional quote, kindly call 888-543-4647 to book an appointment for professional evaluation from the industry leaders.

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